Intelligence & Espionage

  • 21st Century Essential Guide to U.S. Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land), Special Warfare Command, Special Operations Forces, Training, Weapons, Tactics, Dogs, Vehicles, History, bin Laden Killing


  • A Rifleman Went To War


    Brand: Martino Fine Books

  • Baltic COIN: Using a Counterinsurgency Model to Counter Russian Hybrid Warfare in the Baltics - NATO Response to Putin's Aggression, Protection for Eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


  • Chinese Intelligence Operations: Espionage Damage Assessment Branch, US Defence Intelligence Agency


    Brand: Routledge

  • Codebreakers' Victory: How the Allied Cryptogaphers Won World War II


  • Commandos: The Definitive History of Commando Operations in the Second World War


  • Deceiving Hitler: Double Cross and Deception in World War II (General Military)

    $22.03 - $22.62

    Brand: Osprey Publishing

  • Enigma: How the German Machine Cipher Was Broken, and How It Was Read by the Allies in World War Two (Foreign Intelligence)

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    Brand: Praeger

  • First SEALs: The Untold Story of the Forging of America's Most Elite Unit

    $15.81 - $18.52

  • Fixing Intelligence: For a More Secure America, Second Edition (Yale Nota Bene)

    $18.42 - $30.40

  • Haig's Intelligence: GHQ and the German Army, 1916-1918 (Cambridge Military Histories)

    $87.20 - $97.51

    Jim Beach

  • How to Become a Navy SEAL: Everything You Need to Know to Become a Member of the US Navy's Elite Force

    $16.32 - $26.24

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